New Standard Institute:
Fashion 2030

We are here to transform the global apparel industry into a force for good, by unifying and driving it to achieve critical, science-based environmental and social objectives. 

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Fashion is hurting our planet and our humanity more than we know.

The facts speak for themselves.

The ugly truths behind
a beautiful industry

Climate Change

Over 8% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the apparel/footwear industry 1

The industry’s CO₂ emissions are projected to increase by more than 60% by 2030 2

If the industry continues on its current path, by 2050 it could use more than 26% of the total global carbon budget 3

icon_waste_production_consumption_uglyTruth copy.png
Production, Consumption, Waste

The average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than in 2000, but kept each garment half as long 4

Americans are throwing away 81 lbs of clothing per person per year 5

Ocean Pollution

Plastic microfibers shed from synthetic clothing into the water account for 85% of the human-made material found along ocean shores, threatening marine wildlife and ending up in our food supply 6

Half a million tonnes of plastic microfibers shed during the washing of plastic-based textiles such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic end up in the ocean annually. (This is 16 times more than plastic microbeads from cosmetics) 7


The apparel industry, made up largely of women, is intricately linked with both child and forced labor 8

The workers making our clothes receive only .5 - 4% of the final retail cost of a garment 9


How apparel is made.
What it’s made from.
Who’s making it.
What happens to it after.
Time to set a
New Standard.

NSI is here to:

Help brands make impactful change by 2030.

Stir consumer demand for clothes that live up to this New Standard.

3 Pillars



See the forest through the greenwash. 

Right the misinformation wrongs and identify the best practices.

Create the defecto data and innovation hub for the industry and its stakeholders.




Utilize the research and data to help brands and manufacturers put the New Standard of ideas and innovations into practice. 




Make buying better, more profitable. 

Unite and embolden key influencers across the industry and make the demand, happen.

The Information

NSI seeks to bring together and accelerate existing sustainability efforts in the industry and ensure that strong science and data drives change in the sector. At the heart of this will be NSI’s Information Platform, a web-based destination open to all that will serve as a global resource for the industry and its stakeholder which will include: credible facts, research and reports, innovative companies advancing environmental and labor solutions, organizations in the space and industry conferences and events advancing sustainability.